Low Tech Ways to Make Customers for Life in Your Home Services Business

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

You drive from house to house delivering bid for bid which may turn into a paid customer if the price is low enough. It can be unsettling to know that your business is in the hands of lead sources such as Google, Home Advisors, Tackle, Thumbtack, and the list goes on.These leads are expensive, cutthroat, time consuming, and low margin.

All leads sources should only be used as a catalyst to grow your book of business and supplement your down time when necessary. Either way, you should create clients for life. They become repeat customers and your biggest advocates sending your referral after referral. Your expensive lead now generates a substantial amount of revenue at no additional cost. When you are not relying on expensive leads, you can put more money into your pockets and invest in other areas of your business.

To grow a book of business and create customers for life, try these low-tech but effective activities:

· Encourage homeowners to give you a 5-star review on google, its free

· Ask for referrals.

· Simply call the homeowner a day or 2 after completing the job to check in, revisit the items above.

· Leave door hangers on adjacent properties with a note.

· Send handwritten thank you notes (either for the sale or opportunity to give a bid).

· Follow up on all bids via phone call, not email.

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