Additional Services

Below are a series of services which businesses can benefit and grow.  We can perform a single item or several depending on your needs.  These services are designed to enhance your business and fill voids that currently aren't being met.  We will provide upfront pricing for each service. 




  • Deliver and integrate technology solutions to modernize and digitalize revenue producing activities

  • Sales forecasting and budgeting

  • Company forecasting

  • Sales and organizational goal setting

  • Sales coaching, accountability, and training

  • Sales leadership outsourcing

  • Strategic planning, tracking, and execution

  • Account management

  • Customer relationship management

  • Fine tuning positioning statements and marketing plans

  • Lead conversion

  • Initiate sales process and improvements

  • Launching new products and services

  • Pricing strategies and analysis

  • Sales expense reduction (ROI research)

  • Maximize existing investments in technology and partnerships (Increase ROI)

  • Researching, delivering, testing, and implementing new technology

  • Special projects